Langa Oriho “It’s possible!”

For the Bloomington School Board

In the heart of our community, a dedicated visionary and passionate advocate emerges: Langa Oriho. With an unyielding commitment to fostering growth and progress, Langa brings a fresh perspective and boundless energy to the table. .

Philosophies and Priorites

  • Reach out to students/families to understand the challenges they are facing.

  • Support policies that promote high quality of education for all students.

  • Ensure funds are utilized correctly and effectively (Where,When,How)

  • Help students embrace the differences among them and participate with no fear.
  • Ensure the education system is inclusive of every child in our community.

  • Being a light for kids to help them see the importance of education.

  • As a Migrant bringing a different perspective on how we want our schools to look like.

  • Bring Understanding between school districts and migrant communities.


Educate, Empower, Elevate:
Langa for a Brighter Tomorrow!

About Langa

I am Langalafa (Langa) Oriho, newly married to my beautiful wife Janet Kanuto, my bigger family includes my mom and my siblings.I got my Computer Science Bachelor Degree from Sudan,also i have experience working in East Africa and UAE particarly Dubai, currently working as Data Cloud Engineer. I am serving as a Board member of a School in South Suda, in which we are working with a team here to improve the quality of education for childrens and utilize the funds donated accordingly. I spend my time volunteering within Bloomington Migrant Communities helping them to bridge the gap between where they come from and the US, also am assisting them to integrate into American Society. I enjoy fishing , camping and of late ice fishing “Don’t as me why”

My mom and Siblings migrated 23 years ago from Sudan due to a war and they found Bloomington as a new home for them to settle and seek a quality education.All my siblings attended school in Bloomington. Valley view Elementary and Kennedy high School. I joined them 7 years ago.As a migrant family and quality education are the most important assets to have in this life I have seen the importance of Education from my late Father who was a University Lecturer back in Sudan.

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